About PicoLAS

The PicoLAS GmbH is headquartered in Herzogenrath, Germany. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of drivers for diode lasers. Our OEM drivers provide pulse durations from extreme short currents of 200 ps to cw with currents of up to 2000 A. Our R&D team also develops customized drivers in close cooperation with the customers to fulfil individual requirements. By usage of newest technologies in conjunction with our collected knowledge, we keep continuously pushing forward what is technically feasible nowadays.

A core feature of all our drivers is the compact and efficient design with passive cooling. All heat generating components are in direct contact with the baseplate to achieve a fanless design to minimize maintenance. With our innovative products we have achieved a couple of market prominences:

• Our BFS-VRM 03 is one of the worlds fastest analog modulated driver for fiber laser seeding applications
• Our LDP-CW 90-10 is the smallest 1 kW laser diode driver available on the market with up to 90 A on a “half brick” size footprint.
• Our BFPS-VRHSP 02 offers extremely short pulses below 500 ps with a maximum current of 1.6 A

With our state of the art products we are Europe’s number one for high-speed seeding of fibre lasers (< 200 ps up to cw). Our main markets are:
• Health care and medical industry (hair removal, skin treatment, …)
• Material processing and other industrial applications (engraving, marking, cutting, soldering, drilling, …)
• Driving ultra-short pulse lasers
• Military applications and law enforcement (including high safety standards like SIL 3 and 4 or class e and higher)

How it began

After Dr. Markus Bartram finished his degree in electronics engineering at the University of Aachen he planed to conduct a research on high power pulsed laser diode arrays delivering as few as 100 ns pulse width.
This dates back to 1998 when laser diodes where not as powerful as today with shorter life times and less reliability. We are talking about 100 hours of life time and up to 10 Watts of power back then compared to 100,000 hours and 500 Watts today. The industry was not ready yet to take advantage of such technology, so the whole idea ended up in a box.
In 2004, the market requested more and more high power pulsed laser diodes and one year later in 2005 the PicoLAS GmbH was founded by Dr. Markus Bartram.
The company history is marked by steady growth and success unfolded. Soon the location became too small and PicoLAS had to move. With the offices at the TPH (Technology Center Herzogenrath) an environment that offered the additional space for necessary extensions was found. Some years later, we were very happy to introduce our own production facility. Quality, flexibility and speed are the core principles which guide our production processes and enable us to meet our clients’ demands for perfect solutions and just-in-time delivery. Those were as well the key parameters for our new production facility. Now we are able to produce customized OEM power supply solutions for laser diodes and LEDs with a wide array of components and board designs from one piece to the ten thousands.

Our thanks

The first 14 years of the PicoLAS GmbH have been a great experience. We look forward to many more years and would like to thank our suppliers, business partners, employees, and of course our customers for the great time. Working with you is a great pleasure for us!