Application Note: LDP-V xx-100 with the PLCS-21 and PLB-21

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This application note describes briefly how to connect a PLB-21 via the PLCS-21 to the different LPD-V series laser diode drivers.

  • The PLCS-21 acts as a function generator and a RS-232 translator.
  • The PLB-21 is a human interface that allows an easy evaluation and testing, you can easily modify operation parameters of your laser diode.

The PLB-21 can not be connected to any LDP-V directly.

What to do?


Unpack your driver.

Our LDP-V high precission laserdiode driver completly unpacked with the output on the right side, the monitoring ports in the bottom and the connector for the PLCS-21 controlling at the left.

Connect the current monitor cable to the current monitor SMC socket on your driver.

Please terminate the scope with 50 Ohm.
Cables are part of the LDP-V Kit.

Refer to the scope scaling printed beneath the socket or stated in the datasheet.

Our PicoLAS LDP-V 03-100 laserdiode driver with a CN

Plug the PLCS-21 onto the top of the LPD-V driver and fix it with three M3 screws (delivered with the PLCS-21).

The LDP-V drivers are capable of gettting controlled by the PLCS-21 and getting the power supply by the board. The PLCS-21 therefor must be probalby

Connect the leads of the power supply unit to the PLCS-21.

You may take the wall plug converter that is part of the LDP-V Kit for powering the device.

Our PicoLAS LDP-V drivers can be controlled with a PLCS-21 wich is screwed on to the LDP-V driver.


Option 1:

Connect the driver via USB to a PC.

Please refer to the PLCS-21 manual for the terminal settings.

The LDP-V is powered through the PLCS-21.

Our PicoLAS LDP-V drivers can be controlled by a pc using a USB cable thats connected to our PLCS-21 wich is screwed on to the LDP-V driver.

Option 2:

You can connect the PLB-21 onto the PLCS-21.

The PLB-21 and the LDP-V are powered through the PLSC-21.

A LDP-V Laserdiode driver is controlled

Important note

Never connect both, USB and PLB-21, at the same time. In this case the PLB-21 would be electronically disconnected and state that it is “waiting for a device”.


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