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As a market leader in the laser industry with a wide network of contacts, we know the developments of the market and want to share them with you as our customers or distributors. At the centre of all our operations are our customers. Our mission goes even beyond satisfying our customers’ needs. We want to satisfy their customers’ needs. In order be able to meet their specific and unique requirements we attach a lot of importance on a close and open communication and collaboration with our customers and distributors.

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UKPL Netzwerk

UKPL is a network of companies and research institutions focusing on the research and development of ultrashort pulse laser technologies and applications. Ultrashort pulse lasers are used for surface treatment applications, laser cutting, drilling and marking. The technology has revolutionised industrial processes enabling precision work on a micro level and leaving no collateral damage and post-processing steps. As a consequence ultrashort pulse lasers have already become essential for manufacturing processes in the automotive, medical device and consumer electronics industries.