LDP-AV 4N20-40

Our Ultrashort Pulse Drivers

The LDP-AV series is the perfect choice for you if fixed pulse durations within 600 ps up to approx. 10 ns are required. Due to the internal HV generation the drivers are compatible with a wide array of laser diodes or emitters with similar characteristics. For special requirements such as different pulse duration, please contact us for customizations.

We also offer with our LDP-AV series products which are especially designed for LiDAR applications. From multi-channel approaches with 16 independently addressable channels with 40 A each, to FLASH LiDAR solution with more than 450 A in a single 5 ns pulse.

• Ultra Compact Driver
• Supply Voltage: +5.5 V
• Output Current: 0 .. 40 A per channel
• Fixed Pulse Duration: e.g. 2 ns
• Repetition Rate: Single shot to 250 kHz
• Fronted dimensions in mm: 47 x 17 mm


Delivery time on request