LDP-CW 130-05


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Our cw Drivers

The products of the LDP-CW series are very efficient and compact cw drivers for laser diodes. Their capability ranges from continuous output current to analog modulated waveforms like sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular. The innovative current regulation concept of the LDP-CW series produces considerably less losses compared to the commonly used linear regulation concept.
We are exceptionally proud of the LDP-CW 250-40 driver, which achieves 10 kW in a size less than a third of a shoebox! With the F version the output can be modulated with up to 50 kHz which enables to rapidly adjust the current with rise times of < 20 µs.

Output current: 5 .. 130 A
Compliance voltage: 0 .. 5 V
Output power: 900 W
Coverage of cw range
Analog modulation
Several protective features
High efficiency





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Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.09 × 2.9 cm

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