LDP-CWL 90-10


The drivers of the LDP-VRM and LDP-CWL series are cw current sources for laser diodes or LEDs with a high analog modulation bandwidth. The specialty of the LDP-VRM drivers is the integrated adaptive DC/DC converter, which keeps the power losses across the linear driving stage as low as possible. Additionally to the high efficiency, the LDP-CWL drivers are able to deliver up to 12 A with an output voltage of 20 V. Additionally, they come with an exceptional small current ripple.


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The LDP-CWL 90-10 is one of the most versatile drivers from PicoLAS, offering a wide range from 200 mA to 90 A with a current setpoint resolution of less than 70 mA. For special
applications a fast current extinction of less than 15 μs is implemented. The low nise and wide range is achieved by a combination of a switchmode regulator and an analogue post
stage. The analogue and digital interface makes it easy to use. The innovative current regulation concept of the LDP-CWL 90-10 produces, compared to the commonly used linear regulation concept, considerably less losses. Hence, only one supply voltage is needed for the control logic and the power stage. Intended fields of application are laser soldering and welding as well as generic surface treatment and DPSS.

In order to shield your laser diode from damage, the LDP-CWL 90-10 features a number of powerful protective safeguards:

– Integrated Soft Start
– Overtemperature shutdown
– Enable/Disable input
– Driver status output
– Protection of the laser diode against reverse currents

LDP-CWL 90-10

  • Output current: 0.2 .. 90 A
  • Compliance voltage: 0 .. 12 V
  • Output power: 900 W
  • Fast current extinction
  • High efficiency
  • Several protective features
  • High precision: 70 mA current resolution



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Weight 0,194 kg
Dimensions 6,1 × 12,0 × 5,0 cm
Output current

0,2 – 90A

Supply Voltage

Dimensions in mm

61 x 120 x 50

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