PL-XBO 500


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Our Xenon Lamp Drivers

The PL-XBO is the perfect choice for driving XBO und HBO short arc lamps like the OSRAM XBO 450W/2 or the Excelitas Ceramax. It can drive any lamp within the addressable current range between 6 and 30 A. The rated voltage should be between 12 and 20 V. The booster Voltage of up to 120 V (selectable between 60 and 120V) and the ignition with > 33 kV guarantees a cold and hot lamp ignition and re-ignition. The optional DMX control interface makes it flexible for all kinds of stage technologies.

• Lamp Voltage: 12 .. 20 V
• Lamp Current Range: 6 .. 30 A
• Dimensions in mm: 245 x 92 x 45

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