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Our Seed Drivers for Pulse Durations from picoseconds to cw

The PicoLAS seed drivers are specially designed to drive laser diodes in seeding applications for fiber and solid state laser amplifiers. They either offer a full range analog real time modulation or extremely short pulse durations in the ps-regime. With the full range analog real time modulation arbitrary pulse shapes or minimal pulse durations of 1 ns can be created.


The variable pulse shape from PicoLAS is state of the art seeding technology. The new digitally controlled seeder BFS-VDIG 03 does not require an external analog arbitrary pulse shape generator at all. The pulse shape is loaded digitally into the driver and released by a triggering signal. Several different pulse shapes can be preselected. The supply voltage of 5 V makes the use easy and all Type 1 butterfly package will fit in.

Brand new and a real enabling factor is the increased stability being as high as 1*10-6. This seeder is the best choice for all kinds of fiber laser seeded solid state laser applications.


Supply Voltage: 2 .. 5 V
Output Voltage: 2 .. 20 V
Output Current: 0 .. 2 A
Pulse Duration: 1 ns – 300 ns
Pulse Duration Generator Integrated
Rise Time: < 500 ps
Repetition Rate: up tp 1 MHz
Pulse Duration & Current Digitally controlled

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