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PicoLAS GmbH was founded in 2005, is based in Würselen (Germany) and specializes in the development and manufacturing of power supplies for laser diodes. PicoLAS offers a unique portfolio of drivers from 200 ps up to cw, to cover research, development and industrial applications.
The excellent reliability and the attractive cost-effectiveness of all PicoLAS products are well known worldwide. Their compact and modular design allows an easy machine integration. Especially our short pulse drivers for nanosecond pulses up to several hundred amperes are very popular.

Our Products

Our laser diode drivers are designed for maximum performance and high efficiency. If you do not find the right product in our standard range, we are very happy to develop the perfect product for your needs upon request.








(> 10 kHz .. < 1 MHz)





Lab Power Supplies



Areas of Application

Since 2005 the PicoLAS GmbH stands for innovative and reliable power supplies for high power laser diodes. Our products are used in a wide range of applications such as medical, entertainment, measurement and security.






Customized Solutions

Distribution Partners

With our distribution partners we have contacts in Asia and Europe. You will find the respective contact person with the contact information on the map below. You can also contact us anytime directly at

Distribution Partners

With our distribution partners we have contacts in Asia and Europe. You will find the respective contact person with the contact information on the map below. You can also contact us anytime directly at

2-14-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 169-0051, Japan
Tel.: +81 3 5285 0861
Fax: +81 3 5285 0860

Shanghai HOCH Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
601D, No.5 Building, Pujiang Hi-Tech Plaza
No.2388 Chenhang Road, Minhang District
Shanghai, 201114, China
Tel.: +86-21 3352 3300
Fax: +86-21 3701 3322


Arsuf Electronics
Shefaym P.O.B 363
60990, Israel
Tel: +972 77 4258563
Fax: +972 77 3211891


UniOTech (Unique Optical Technology) Corp.
1002,TechnoCity Bd., 5
Sinildong-ro 17beon-gil
Daedeok-gu, Daejeon 34324
Republic of Korea
Tel.: +82 (0) 4293398701


B-834 Sigma2 Bldg.
164 Tancheonsangro.
Budang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, 13631
Tel: +82 (0) 50-2702-9999

Laser Components Germany GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15

82140 Olching

Tel.: +49 8142 2864-0


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Dr.-Ing. Markus Bartram


Angelika Schmitz
Daniela Vallenilla
Jenny Uebachs


Özgür Gülsen
Linda Sütterlin
Shijun Yin\


Tobias Everwyn
Tim Friebel

A leading supplier of TEC / Laser drivers

Precision, quality and flexibility make PicoLAS one of the leading suppliers of laser diode drivers and TEC drivers.
Since its foundation in 2005 in Aachen, PicoLAS GmbH has successfully built up a unique portfolio of drivers. Each of our products is individually developed at the highest level with the help of our many years of experience and the expertise of our engineers. The portfolio is continuously expanded by various drivers, which are suitable for line lasers or positioning lasers, for example. Our OEM drivers have pulse durations from 200 ps to cw with currents of up to 2000 A. Whether for the control of high power diodes, the LIDAR range or seeding applications, we have the right product for all areas. Of course, our R&D team can also develop individual drivers on request, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. This allows us to fulfil the requirements to operate almost all different laser types.

Many years of experience

Some of the highlights from more than a decade of experience are the fully digital current control and the heat conduction cooling via the base plate. The internal production guarantees complete control over the high production quality and the flexible adaptation of the drivers to your individual needs.

Due to our steadily growing production volume, we invested in our own PCB assembly line in 2016. Customer adaptations or the production of prototypes are now possible flexibly and without great effort. Due to the in-house production, we can further increase our quality standard and solder for the best quality with modern steam phase and with vacuum process.

In order to further reduce our independence from external service providers, PicoLAS purchased a milling machine in 2017. Many of our products use our innovative cooling concept, which requires specially milled floor plates. Thanks to this expansion, we can now manufacture our products completely in-house.

For the generation of pulses in the ps to ns range, the total inductance of the emitter and its connection to the driver is a critical factor. This is especially important for high output currents, such as lidar applications. As a result, PicoLAS has invested in a fineplacer and wirebonder as a connection technology in order to carry out all developments up to series maturity in-house.
Of course, PicoLAS GmbH also designs perfectly matched accessories for every laser driver. Depending on requirements, this can also be individually designed so that the devices can be used and combined in a wide range of applications.

Innovative technology

A key feature of our drivers is the compact and efficient design as well as the passive cooling. All heat-generating components are in direct contact with the base plate to achieve low-maintenance and fanless operation. Our innovative products are characterized by outstanding unique selling points:

• Our BFS-VRM 03 is one of the world’s fastest analog modulated drivers for fiber laser applications
• Our LDP-CW 90-10 is the smallest 1 kW laser diode driver available on the market with up to 90 A on a footprint of only 6×6 cm.
• Our BFPS-VRHSP 02 has extremely short pulses of less than 500 ps at a maximum current of 1.6 A


Versatile applications

The drivers of PicoLAS are used in all areas. These include a wide range of markets. Many of our drivers are installed and used in medical technology, for example. The end devices include devices for hair removal or skin treatment. Especially in this area, our innovative and unique design is essential. Here, too, our customers can always rely on the above-average quality standards of our company.

Many of our products are also popular in industrial applications. Here, many drivers are used, for example, in material processing. Due to the intelligent and space-saving design, our drivers are suitable for precise engraving or cutting. We also adapt the drivers to end devices for marking, soldering or drilling.

The high quality and precision enable an excellent application in the field of military. Particularly high safety standards are required there, such as SIL 3 and 4, or class e and higher. We also meet these requirements without exception. Further requirements are of course individually and customizable.

Particularly popular are our seed driver from ps to cw and our LIDAR driver for the operation of ultrashort pulse lasers.

Customer support at PicoLAS

In order to support our customers especially during commissioning, detailed operating instructions have been created by our engineers. All documents are always available for download on our website. There it is also possible to retrieve all further information about our online shop on the various products. Since almost all our drivers are directly available, it is possible to order them quickly and easily at any time. If, as an exception, a product is not in stock, you can inquire about the delivery time at any time by e-mail or by calling without obligation.

Your satisfaction as a customer is our top priority and therefore the quality of our products and services is of paramount importance to us. To implement this, we have a multi-level quality control. Each individual product is tested separately and the results are documented. Based on the serial number of the device, traceability within our production processes is guaranteed at all times and we keep the documents indefinitely.

Our quality standards

Another important point in the implementation of this quality standard for ourselves is the control of each individual production step. That’s why we avoid external manufacturing processes and service providers and rely on our own infrastructure in the production steps. With the addition of the blanks and components, the entire production takes place within PicoLAS. From the assembly of the board to the final inspection, all work steps are in our hands. This allows us not only to control the quality of each step, but also fast prototyping and individual adjustments at the customer’s request.

This demand on the quality of our products and processes and the resulting
Quality management system is certified by ISO 9001:2015. We have created these standards based on the current and future wishes and expectations of our customers. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers for every product, whether individually developed and manufactured or from our wide-ranging product portfolio. Our quality management also enables us to achieve the best possible development and production planning. In this way, we optimize our innovation cycles and improve the delivery time of our products for the benefit of the customer. Since the well-being of our customers is always the focus, we attach great importance to open communication and partnership in every type of development and customer relationship.